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What is a brake shoe ? Why brake shoes are used on a bike

Brake shoes are a brake system component commonly used in drum brakes, a type of brake system commonly found on the rear wheels of bicycles. Drum brakes consist of a drum-shaped housing attached to the wheel and containing brake shoes.  Bicycle brake shoes work as follows.  Drum brake structure: Drum brakes have cylindrical drums attached to the wheels. Inside this drum are two curved brake shoes, one on each side.  Friction material: Brake shoes typically consist of a rigid metal frame with a

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5 Reasons to get the best Air Filters for your vehicle!

Engine Protection: One of the main functions of an air filter is to prevent dust, dirt, debris and other contaminants from entering the engine. These particles can abrade and damage internal engine parts, including pistons, cylinders and valves. Without an air filter, the engine is exposed to these harmful elements,

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The battle of Scooters in India

The scooter world has come a long way from being just a utilitarian vehicle to being a stylish, efficient, and feature-rich sidekick for your daily commute and adventures. His four names stand out as leaders in this field: Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access, and Hero Maestro. Each of these

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Importance of quality grease in Bike

Introduction: In terms of bike maintenance, many riders tend to focus on essential parts like chains, tires, and brakes. However, an often overlooked but very important aspect is the quality of grease used in the bicycle’s moving parts. High-quality lubricants play an important role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation,

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TVS Raider: Embracing the True Spirit of Adventure

Introduce TVS Raider is the ever-changing world of two-wheelers, TVS Motor Company has always been a strong player, building a brand with a diverse line of motorcycles and scooters. One of the standout additions to their line-up is the TVS Raider, which embodies the spirit of adventure and sets a

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Understanding the importance of engine oil

Introduction Engine oil plays an important role in the normal operation and life of a motorcycle engine. When it comes to the health and longevity of a motorcycle, there is one important factor that should never be overlooked: engine oil. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your bike’s engine, keeping

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The Royal Enfield 650 Twins: A new era of power and performance

The Royal Enfield 650 Twins: A new era of power and performance Royal Enfield, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer from India, has recently launched its latest offering – the 2023 Royal Enfield 650 Twins. The 650 Twins, consisting of the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650, have been highly anticipated

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