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Clutch Plates

A clutch is mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission from the diving shaft to the driven shaft. The device features two-shaft, one is connected to the engine while the other shaft provides the power output that does the work Leonardo Clutch Plates bring a host of advantages.

  • Help the engine to run at a stationary position.
  • Can be used to reduce engine speed.
  • Enable easy changing of gears.
  • Allow smooth vehicle control.

The overall performance of the bike improves such that there are no jerks and abrupt interruptions that might disrupt the functioning of the engine upon sudden braking of the motorcycle.

Clutch Plates

clutch plate

The Clutch is the backbone of power delivery from a motorcycle’s crankshaft to the transmission. With all of this mechanical responsibility comes the importance of the system’s internal components and wear condition. Leonardo Clutch Plates provide power engagement, and added torque plus traction.

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