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The unsung hero of every engine on the road is the filter. Air, that is needed by the engine to function, has pollutants and debris that can wear the piston rings and cylinder walls, Leonardo filters keep the air reaching the engine clean, letting it power efficiently and add to fuel mileage. To keep the engine in prime condition, the filter must be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, OEM paper, oiled cotton gauze and oiled foam.

The air and fuel burn in the engine cylinder and this is where the function of the air comes into picture. It prevents dusty air to enter into the engine.




Air Filters


Gauze Filters Made of a special fabric or gauze which is located inside a metal casing. These filters are well-proven in the process of operation and they guarantee good air flow. Can be easily cleaned with soap water.

Paper Filters – These are mainly used for street bikes. However, they need to be kept dry for paper functioning. They are cleaned by blowing out air through the vent ports or folded valves.

Oil Filters


A motorcycle oil filter purifies types of oils and hydraulic fluids that are used in the engine. Filtering helps to retain the largest fractions by passing fluid through a plastic or metal filter strainer.

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