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What is a brake shoe ? Why brake shoes are used on a bike

Brake shoes are a brake system component commonly used in drum brakes, a type of brake system commonly found on the rear wheels of bicycles. Drum brakes consist of a drum-shaped housing attached to the wheel and containing brake shoes. 

Bicycle brake shoes work as follows. 

Drum brake structure: Drum brakes have cylindrical drums attached to the wheels. Inside this drum are two curved brake shoes, one on each side. 

Friction material: Brake shoes typically consist of a rigid metal frame with a friction material lining on the outside. This friction material is typically made of heat-resistant compounds such as asbestos, or more modern materials such as organic compounds or ceramics. 

Operation: When you operate the brake lever on the handlebar, a mechanism (often a cable or hydraulic system) activates the brake shoes. The brake shoes are pressed outward against the inner surface of the drum. 

Friction and deceleration: Friction occurs when the brake shoes make contact with the inner surface of the drum. This friction creates resistance, which slows down the wheel rotation, which in turn slows down the bike. Advantages of drum brakes with brake shoes include simplicity, durability, and less susceptibility to adverse weather conditions compared to other brake types such as rim brakes. However, they may not provide as much stopping power or dissipate heat as effectively as disc brakes, another common type of bicycle brake. 

Although drum brakes with brake shoes are still used on some bicycles, especially utility bikes and certain commuter models, other types of brakes such as disc brakes and rim brakes are becoming more common in the bicycle industry. It is important to note that Performance under various conditions.

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